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It´s up 2 u

propagentary 13 min
 D 2008

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Kamelmilchmolkerei Tiviski Background

The majority of the European farmers has been ruined by the so called “Green Revolution”. From two million farms in Germany in 1950 less than 400 000 survived, which means less than 20%. Together with the family farms animal breeds and plant varieties unsuited for industrial production disappeared. Similarly traditional products, such as local cheeses or sausages and handed down recipes vanished. Now the globalisation exports the ruin of family farming worldwide, simultaneously with consequences like dependence on agricultural and chemical companies.

The Film

The Mauritanian camel milk dairy at the edge of the Sahara, the First Nation People in Minnesota, harvesting rice with their canoes and the cheese producers in Gouda/Netherlands have the same adversary, the industrial agriculture and the global trade. It is not the farmers of the industrial countries who profit from globalisation, but the agrarian-industry. The small scale producers are the victims, whether they are fishermen, nomads or farmers, whether they live in Europe, the USA or in the developing countries.

Trade barriers and competing cheap imports, patents, dependence on seed producers and chemical companies are the weapons in the war against small scale producers. „If we will not be able to keep our food and agriculture GMO-free, we will never ever be able to defend any other freedom”, is the provoking statement by Vandana Shiva. She is known worldwide as a radical fighter against global players who make their money out of resources like water and seeds.

It’s up 2 u – you decide! You decide by what you buy whether the farmland is being polluted and the animals are tormented in factory farming, whether there is biodiversity and diversity of goods or the same industrial products worldwide. The money we spend has probably more impact on political decisions than the cross on our ballot papers.

Documentary award Bremen 2005
1. Prize Bremer Umwelttage

Prize "Optimistic Vision Of The Future" St. Petersburg
Nomination „In The Palace“ Balchik/Bulgarien
Nomination CrankCookies shortfilm-festival Passau

festival participation:

Oldenburger Kurzfilmtage
Oldenburg, Germany
Nov. 2008

Bremer Umwelttage
Bremen, Germany
Nov. 2008

Green Film Festival
Seoul, Southkorea
May 2009

In The Palace -Intern. Filmfest
Balchik, Bulgaria
June 2009

CrankCookies Kurzfilmtage
Passau, Germany
June 2009

Durban International Film Festival
Durban, Southafrica
July 2009

Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt
Weiterstadt, Germany
Aug. 2009

Slow Food International Film Festival
Eger, Ungarn
Sept 2009

Blitzfilm Festival
On Tour in China
Okt 2009

We The Peoples FF
Nov 2009

Green Vision
St. Petersburg/Russia
Nov 2009

Apr 2010

Enviromental Film Festival
Jun 2010

Planet Report FF
Jun 2010

Filmsalat 9
Sep 2010

Stronger than fear D 2004

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ein Junge steht auf dem Rollfeld des Flughafens Douala Adolescents, almost still children, who risk their lives to escape their lack of prospects in their own countries are labeled ‘economic refugees’ in the Western world. The film gives this term a face and a story and moves the human into the forefront.

Solomon Mforbei Fusi was 15 years old and lived in Bamenda, Cameroon. He was meant to take his destined role within the family when he only wanted to be free and independent.

His dreams of a better life end in the wheel bay of a plane. When the plane lands and the wheels come out his body plunges into a German field.

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Documentary award Bremen 2001
Nominated on the film festivals in Prizren and Créteil
Special acknowledgement in Berlin

festival participation:

Dokufest Prizren/ Kosovo
Sept. 2004

Cork Film Festival (Irland)
Okt. 2004

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest
Nov. 2004

Africa Alive Frankfurt a.M.
Febr. 2005

Bradford Film Festival (GB)
Mrz. 2005

Films De Femmes
Créteil/ Paris
Mrz. 2005

Black International Cinema
Berlin Mai 2005

Intern. Dokumentar- und Anthropologie- FF
Pärnu, Estland
Juli 2005

Écrans Noir
Jaoundé/ Kamerun
Juni 2008

Freiheit in die Welt D 1999/2000

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Friederike Kaivers und Joachim Steinbrück gehen mit Blindenstöcken am Meeresstrand auf Sonnenschirm und Liegestühle zu
Friderike Kaivers and Joachim Steinbrück both went blind in their youth. But they are a couple filled with energy and a love of life. They are humorous and it’s a pleasure to meet them.

Friderike is a rehabilitaion teacher for blind persons and Joachim Steinbrück works as a judge at the labor court. While following the couple on a trip to Italy, we learn who they organise their everyday life and we get to know their sentiments.

Once Friderike was asked why she had a bouquet on her table despite she coudn’t see it? Though the film does not ask this question it gives the anwer – as well as many others.


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Special award of the jury 2004
Kolobrzeg film festival "you and me"

festival participation:

Kolobrzeg Filmfestival
"you and me"

Kolobrzeg/ Polen
Mai 2004

Finale D 1998
in cooperation with Jörg Streese<

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Vier Wachmänner begleiten eine Gefangene The belief that humane death is possible by lethal injection, is a fundamental condition for approving to the death penalty.

The film is concerned with the brutality of executations and demonstrates what enforced medical tranquilization in the execution chamber conceals.

festival paticipation:

Kurz -u.Vorfilm-Festival Braunschweig

Filmfest Weiterstadt

Young Collection Bremen

Nacht der Menschenrechte
Nürnberg 12/1998

15.Video-Tage Thüring./Rheinl.-Pfalz
1998 Gera

Heidelberger Film- und Videotage

Kurz-Film-Festival Dresden

Best of Bremen Young
Collection 2001

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